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Frequently Asked Questions

have been divided into 3 sections. If you have any questions not answered then please do get in touch.
General questions
Practical questions
Contracts, cameras, negatives and food

General Wedding Photography talk -

Over recent years wedding photography has progressed to include the concept of telling a visual story of the wedding like a classic photo story from Life magazine or The Sunday Times. Wedding photojournalism allows a creative photographer to record images of your celebration, emotion, romance and fun with the quiet moments that can be missed in the excitement of the day.

Personally I like to blend several different styles of wedding photography (photojournalism or reportage with editorial), to produce for you an album of photographs which captures the event in a realistic way with a few relaxed portraits, detail shots and formals included. This reduces the formality and structure of traditional wedding photography and allows you more time to enjoy the day - it is a celebration not a photo shoot.

Wedding Albums - there has been a real advance with professional wedding albums over the past few years too. Starting with the cover I can supply you metal wedding albums, wood covered wedding albums or modern leather albums. Inside I use design software to bring your photos to life. The layouts are individual and clients have told me that friends have enjoyed looking at their wedding album instead of the usual traditional album.

I use some of the world's finest albums from Australia, New Zealand and the UK. A 20 page design starts at £500.

You can see more professional magazine style wedding albums here.

Wedding Insurance - an often overlooked aspect of wedding plans. Here are some useful contact details:
Marks & Spencer - 0800 3165985, Weddingplan - 0870 7744055, MRL - 0870 8704401, Debenhams - 0870 7744196.



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